Reciprocity in Action: Making New Friends Through Social Media

I work in Manhattan and live in Jersey.  So, when Hurricane Irene decided to stop by, we booked it to Albany where my wife’s family lives. Good thing too because our street and basement flooded. Luckily that’s all. Many people were more severely affected.

My father-in-law, with whom we were staying, lost power. And, while he has a backup generator, it didn’t power up the WiFi at his house. So, to get work done, I went to the local Starbucks to use theirs. I checked in, as seen below…

…to which I received the following response (Avi and Jon are the Founder and CEO, respectively, of my former company Big Fuel)…
I knew of Media Logic because they followed me on Twitter and tweeted my first ReciprocityTheory blog post, so I had followed them back.  But, I had never met or spoken to anyone there. When I showed up, Carolee set me up with a desk and let everyone know they had a visitor. Several people came by and introduced themselves. Later, Carolee and I grabbed lunch, talked shop and exchanged stories about how we ended up working in social media – two very different paths now working towards very similar goals.

Thanks to Carolee, I had a very productive day. It was much more comfortable than sitting at Starbucks all day – much as I enjoy their large reading chairs.  And, I got to make some new friends.

Now, if I ever need to work from Albany, I know I can swing by. And, likewise, if Carolee or anyone from the Media Logic team is ever in New York City, I’d be happy to host them at the WCG offices.

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