Marketing Mondays: A New Blog Series

I’ve had several conversations lately that have made me realize just how complex and overwhelming people find marketing. Even most marketers feel lost in the sea of new channels, technologies and practices. The fact that marketers tend to be a loud bunch with a heard mentality, constantly creating new buzzwords that are lauded as the next must-do marketing thing or your company will slowly (or quickly) slip into a dark pit of irrelevance, doesn’t help this perception. There’s a whole lot of FOMO in marketing.

While the marketing industry is, in fact, increasingly complex by its own making (I call this “marketers marketing marketing”), the reality is that great marketing is founded in simplicity. And, if you’re willing to experiment, there is no reason you can’t test and learn your way into becoming a solid marketer that creates measurable business impact. I was speaking with the head of a NY marketing communications agency recently about my experience across TV, radio, print (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.), outdoor (billboards, buses, etc.), digital  (SEO/M, .com, CRM, display, etc.) and social (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). He asked me, “How did you learn all of this?” I jokingly answered, “I googled it.” But, it wasn’t entirely a joke. In the great shift to a post-capitalist society, where there is so much information freely available, there is no friction preventing you from learning new disciplines and building new skill sets. Case in point: you’re reading this blog post right now. What is more time intensive, though, is weeding through all the information out there.

This new series: “Marketing Mondays” is my attempt to cut through the B.S. and provide you a simple, foundational understanding of marketing. Each week, I’ll pick a new topic, or expand on an existing topic, to help you understand a core marketing concept and how to get started in practicing that marketing discipline. This is based on my years of experience working as a marketer, guiding and counseling brands and concepting and executing their marketing programs, as well as my own research and experimentation on latest trends. I hope that you’ll find some value and clarity in these posts, and I welcome your feedback.

3 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: A New Blog Series

  1. Love it. So many marketers equate complex with good, or innovative. Simple works and it’s sustainable. Consistency is also crucial, especially around messaging and tone. Can’t wait to read more.

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