Your Brand’s Strategic Narrative

A friend recently shared an article by Andy Raskin called “The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen”. It breaks down the narrative structure used in Zuora‘s sales decks. This narrative is consistent from Zuora’s CEO on down to the marketing and sales teams, and illustrates how important a strategic narrative is in aligning a company’s teams around its brand.

As Andy rightly points out, “successful sales decks follow the same narrative structure as epic films and fairy tales.” Indeed, neuroeconomist, Paul Zak, taught us that character-driven stories consistently cause the synthesis of cortisol (a hormone that focuses our attention) and oxytocin (a hormone that creates a sense of empathy and connection). In other words, the better crafted and more relevant the stories we tell about the brand, the more our brand will stand out to and connect with audiences. See the video below for more details on Zak’s research.

Andy pinpoints 5 key elements to a successful sales deck and narrative:

  1. Name a big, relevant change in the world
  2. Show there’ll be winners and losers
  3. Tease the promised land
  4. Introduce features as “magic gifts” for overcoming obstacles to the promised land
  5. Present evidence that you can make the story come true

The article is worth the read, as it highlights slides that accompany these five elements and breaks down the elements in more depth. You can find the article here.

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