America Is Great

Canadian marketing agency, The Garden, launched a new project called “Tell America It’s Great.” Below is an excerpt from their Medium post.

“It’s no secret that America is going through a hard time right now. The election has exposed some pretty scary realities that will likely challenge them for years to come, regardless of who’s elected. They’ve been bombarded with a tremendous amount of negativity and it’s likely that for many of them, the immediate future seems rather bleak.

With that, it occurred to us that America could probably use a little cheering up. That’s why we created the ‘Tell America it’s great’ campaign. As their closest friends and neighbours, we thought it was important for us to do something to cut through the negativity and help remind them that no matter how bad things might seem, there are a lot of reasons to believe that America is still pretty great.”

And, below is the video from the project:

I love this idea. We really have been pounded with negative rhetoric and fear-mongering this presidential race. And, unfortunately, Americans are buying into it. “Tell America It’s Great” reminds us of our place in the world, and that the world is watching to see how we, the people, handle this election. Come November, let’s vote from a place of strength and courage. Remember where we came from, what we’ve already accomplished and that, while there is always room for improvement, America already is great.

To watch more videos from our Canadian neighbors, check out the website for “Tell America It’s Great” here. If you choose to share this post, include the hashtag below.


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