Blind Spots: The Need for Inclusion


Last month I wrote about the need to seek out women leaders. But, it goes further than that. More women simply need to be in the room and have a voice in that room. And, not just women, but people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. The reality is that we have blind spots. Even if we’re not consciously sexist or racist, we have blind spots. We make decisions based on our own experience and vantage point. So, if we don’t have a diverse set of people and perspectives with a voice in the room, we can be assured that we’re missing out on opportunities.

There’s some buzz lately about Amazon Video’s decision to cancel their new show Good Girls Revolt even though the show received 4.5 star ratings from over 18,000 viewers. There was no woman in the room when the decision was made to cancel the show, and seemingly a blind spot to the cultural struggle happening in America today in the wake of Hillary Clinton losing the election. And, the opportunity to offer audiences a show that reflects women’s struggle for equality and empowerment.

This article from The Atlantic tackles the issue – not just about the show, but more broadly about the need for more female consideration and inclusion. It’s worth a read.


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