We live in a distracted world.
From exponential technologies,
To a new generation of audiences
Whose expectations of brands has elevated,
Whose influence over those brands has amplified,
And whose engagement with those brands is disjointed
Across an array of devices and channels,
The way brands exist in the world is changed and changing.

I guide companies and brands
In transforming for this new world
Through practical and scalable models.

I partner to execute too.
This isn’t just theory.
I’ve been on the front lines of building valuable businesses,
Creating new teams, products and services,
Testing and learning and building anew
To design breakthroughs for companies,
And to prepare them for the next wave.

I work with:
idea-stage startups,
growth-stage companies,
established mid-market and Fortune 500s

I help with:
market trends, audience insights and opportunity identification
product strategy and business design
go-to-market strategy
brand/product positioning and messaging
demand generation and growth strategy
integrated media/communications planning
new ways of organizing and working
digital transformation

I speak about:
the purpose economy

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For inquiries, please email David at here.